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Our Partners

Our Partners in Growth

We are motivated by our belief that partnership is the key to transform the organization’s vision into a multitude of streams and that the contributions of a socially engaged populace are necessary for a strong and a vibrant force in realizing objectives.

A large working group can possess all the tools which will endeavor to educate the members of the community and encourage them to instill self empowerment and societal awareness. Organizations with deep expertise on a particular issue or segment of the society are requested to help identify topics that should be used to enhance our initiative development. We would like to hear from a representative of your group and learn about the work your organization is doing and to hear about its vision or concerns of the need of the day.

Individuals are welcome to join as volunteers/members of Zav Foundation to volunteer or to simply stay connected. We would love to hear from non-profits, businesses and government agencies who wish to support our vision and mission as noted above. Should your organization be interested in partnering with us, please mail to

Thank you for your consideration. Together we can nurture a culture of active human empowerment coupled with civic engagement to strengthen our community and further productivity of young India.